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30 May 2019

How to support LGBT+ young people to stay safe online

Research has found that one of the most positive aspects of being online for LGBT+ young people is the opportunity to connect with like-minded people and access specialist support, in a way that is more challenging offline. Understand how you can help the LGBT+ young people you work with to explore their identity online in the safest way.

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2 May 2019

Keeping UK children safe online: have your say

In April 2019, the UK government published three policy and practice initiatives relating to child exploitation and online safety. For each of these documents, you have the opportunity to have your say. Read a brief outline of each document and why they are significant for professionals who work with children

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24 April 2019

3 tools from UKCIS to help you to protect children online

NCA-CEOP is an active member of the UK Council for Internet Safety (UKCIS), a collaborative forum through which the government, the tech community and the third sector work together to make sure the UK is the safest place in the world to be online. Take a look at how 3 tools developed by UKCIS can support you with some of your key responsibilities in helping to protect children online.

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27 March 2019

How you can keep your under 7s safe online

It is more than likely that the under 7s you work with are spending a significant amount of their life online watching videos, gaming, and connecting with friends. Take a look at the following resources designed to help you develop an effective approach to educating your 4-7s on how to navigate their online world safely.

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31 January 2019

Screen time: should we be worried?

There have long been claims that children are harmed by excessive screen time, often suggesting a causal link with outcomes including obesity, mental health issues, and low educational attainment. However, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health suggests otherwise. Read more about how you can help the young people you work with to balance their time online and offline more effectively.

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13 December 2018

How you can keep young people safer online over the Christmas period ... and beyond!

No doubt you'll be working with a young person who has asked for some form of technology that links to the internet for Christmas. Here are four steps you can take to make sure that young people are safer online over Christmas and beyond.

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