About CEOP

CEOP is a command of the National Crime Agency. The National Crime Agency is committed to protecting the public from serious and organised crime, and CEOP's role is to tackle the sexual  abuse and exploitation of children (CSAE), both online and offline. CEOP pursue those who sexually exploit and abuse children, prevent people becoming involved in child sexual exploitation, protect children from becoming victims of sexual exploitation and sexual abuse, and prepare interventions to reduce the impact of child sexual exploitation and abuse through safeguarding and child protection work.

About Thinkuknow

CEOP's activity in each of these areas is underpinned by specialist teams in the CEOP command, and across the whole agency. The Education team at CEOP deliver the Thinkuknow education programme that aims to empower and protect children and young people from sexual abuse and exploitation.

Thinkuknow includes films, animations, websites, presentations and lesson plans to enable professionals to explore difficult and sensitive issues safely with children and young people. The animations/film resources are accompanied by toolkits and delivery guidance documents to help professionals explore their themes with children and young people.