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Our new educational materials have been developed using the most up to date intelligence received into the CEOP command and highlight the type of tactics offenders' use on live streaming platforms. They also aim to address the more deep rooted issues that might make children and young people particularily vulnerable online, such as low confidence and self-esteem. The #LiveSkills series is aimed and 8-11 year olds, 11-13 + and includes a presentation that can be used with parents and carers, as well as a factsheet to help boost professionals in their knowledge of Live streaming.

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Our views

  • What is the Dark Web and why do people use it?

    The internet has changed in many ways since it first became publicly accessible in the 1990s, and one of the most controversial developments is the growth of the so-called “Dark Web.”

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  • Computer skills for the future

    At CEOP we often hear from adults who feel concerned that young people may become involved in using the dark web, hacking or other types of ‘cybercrime’. This blog looks at how we can support young people who have an interest in coding and computing to learn positive skills in a safe environment for the future.

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  • Snapchat’s latest feature: Snap Map

    Snapchat have launched their newest feature, Snap Maps. This enables users to track others' location with a high level of accuracy. This blog post discusses the implications of this feature for young people and their safety.

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Thinkuknow Training

  • E-learning

    Keeping Children Safe Online is a helpful introduction to the risks children face online developed by CEOP and the NSPCC. It is aimed at anyone looking to develop their knowledge.

  • Thinkuknow Introduction

    These free events provide an overview to CEOP’s Thinkuknow education programme. It's run by trained CEOP ambassadors and is aimed at professionals working with children and young people.

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  • Become an Ambassador

    Completing the Ambassador course will enable you to train others to deliver Thinkuknow’s education programme. It gives an in depth look into online offending and young people’s use of technology.



  • Guidance

    Stay informed with legal, policy and research based guidance on how to support young people and prevent child sexual exploitation.

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  • FAQs

    These pages provide a list of answers to frequently asked questions about the Thinkuknow education programme.

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