Thinkuknow Toolkit

Toolkit, lessons and activities

This toolkit enables you to use the Thinkuknow website - - as an engaging learning resource for young people aged 11 and over.

Supporting your young people to explore the information, advice and guidance at will help them:

  • Develop confident, healthy approaches to sex, relationships and the internet
  • Identify any negative behaviour they encounter, and respond resiliently
  • Know where they can access advice and guidance on these issues, in their own time
  • Know where to go for help if they ever feel anxious or threatened online or in a relationship

Activities include:

Speed Friending

A lively role-playing activity which explores the nature of ‘friendship’ on social media, identifies risks and highlights ways to socialise safely online.

Digital Tattoo

A discussion-based activity in pairs and as a whole group, introducing young people (YP) to the concept of their ‘digital tattoo’ (or ‘digital footprint’) and ways to manage it.

Code Breaker

A detective activity in which young people (YP) try to guess the passwords set by fictional characters.

Thinkuknow Better?                                                                                                  

Young people (YP) work together to design an app which gives their peers advice and support on a Thinkuknow topic.

 Download the toolkit to access the full range of activities.