Lee and Kim

Cartoon (8 minutes), storybook, teacher guidance, lesson plans and supporting materials

The aim of the Lee & Kim: Animal Magic cartoon and resource pack is to teach 5-7 year olds about personal information and the importance of keeping this secure both online and off. The cartoon follows the adventures of two children, Lee and Kim, who are playing an online game where they interact and play with different people using animal avatars. The online safety messages from the cartoon and storybook are reinforced by SID, a superhero in the cartoon who helps Lee and Kim navigate the online game safely.

Key issues covered

  • What personal information is and the importance of keeping personal information private
  • Being polite and courteous online
  • How to identify adults you can trust
  • Where to go for help

Target audience

The cartoon and supporting materials have been developed for Key Stage 1 pupils (5-7 year olds), although may also be suitable for older children who have learning disabilities.

Learning objectives 

In total there are 3 lesson plans, each lesson plan has an overall learning objective as follows:

Lesson 1: To understand what personal information is and how to identify trusted adults who can help.

Lesson 2: To understand what personal information should not be shared and that I have the right to say ‘No’.

Lesson 3: To understand what behaviour others value both online and off.

Supporting materials 

  • Teacher guidance and lesson plans
  • UK Curriculum links document
  • Cartoon (8 minutes)
  • Storybook
  • Extension activities
  • ‘Top Tips’ poster
  • Song and song sheets

The film is available with audio description, subtitles and a British Sign Language interpreter.

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