First to a Million

Film (18 minutes) and supporting resources

This film allows for longer, interactive sessions based around the issues that can arise when films and images are posted online. Filmed in the first person, it follows a group of friends, of which the viewers are part of, as they take part in an online challenge to get “first to a million” views on their channel for the videos they’ve made and shared, but things go a step too far when two of them are filmed in a compromising situation. The audience can choose what happens at strategic points in the film and are able to explore the consequences of various actions and choices, and the ultimate outcome of the story.

Key issues covered

First to a Million focuses on:

  • The concept of the digital tattoo and the permanence of online content
  • Respect for others, both in the real and online worlds 
  • The importance of online privacy
  • The importance of consent, both between sexual partners and in wider relationships 
  • Peer pressure

Target audience

The film is aimed at young people aged 11-14.  Use with younger children will need appropriate adult support, particularly regarding issues of underage sexual activity.

Learning objectives 

The film reinforces young people’s understanding of the possible consequences of online activity.  Learners will be able to discuss respect for other people, the influence of peer pressure and competition, and how these can affect judgement. 

Support Materials 

A practitioner pack and related activities are available for download. 

Suggestions for use with children with special educational needs or disabilities

The film is available with audio description and subtitles.