Factsheets for Parents and Carers

CEOP have created a range of factsheets designed for parents and carers to help them understand more about how to keep their children safe online. Succinct and easy to read, these guides cover a range of topics.

Using parental controls

Parental controls are one of the many ways to help protect children online. This factsheet helps parents and carers to identify where controls can be used and how to implement them effectively.

I’m worried my child might see something inappropriate online

There’s no watershed, ‘top shelf’ or ID required online but that doesn’t mean children can't be protected from adult content. This factsheet helps parents/carers find out how they can help children to navigate the web safely. Topics covered include the ways to start a conversation with young people about inappropriate content. Parents and carers are also offered practical advice to help apply limits to content their children view online.

Worried your child has shared too much online?

Occasionally, children can share too much information online. This factsheet advises parents on how to report and remove an image from the internet and where they can go for further advice.


This factsheet provides information on what grooming is, signs of grooming and ways to have conversations with young people about their online activity.

Reporting to CEOP

Parents and carers know their child better than anyone. This factsheet provides information for parents and carers on when and how to report to CEOP if they are concerned about online grooming or abuse. Parents are given details about what to expect when they complete a report as well as other services that can support them and their child.