Film (8 minutes)

This story centres on the importance of keeping personal information private online. The plot focuses on a younger male offender called Justin, who meets a girl called Jade on a social networking site. Justin uses her social media profile to take and save images of her and find out where she lives. Justin then uses those details to blackmail Jade into sending him more revealing images. Throughout the film, Justin speaks to the audience and explains some of the ways Jade could have made her profile private and get help from CEOP.

This film was made in 2010. Therefore, the technology within the film has dated. You can search for other resources covering similar topics by using the search function.

Key issues covered

  • The use of online privacy settings
  • The importance of not sharing personal information 
  • Coercion and blackmail as offender behaviours  
  • Reporting abuse to CEOP

Target audience

The film is aimed at ages 11-13 years but may be used for younger children with appropriate teacher support and exploration of the key issues raised. 

Learning objectives 

The film reinforces the importance of keeping personal information and images private. Young people are shown why they should use privacy settings and are reminded that sex offenders can be young and attractive people. Having seen the film, learners will be aware of typical grooming behaviours and the importance of reporting problems to CEOP.

Support Materials

There are no supporting materials for this film.

Suggestions for use with children with special educational needs or disabilities

The straightforward linear narrative makes the film suitable for young people with mild to moderate learning disabilities, with suitable support.

It is available with audio description, subtitles and a British Sign Language interpreter.

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