#WhoIsSam: Online contact and reporting to CEOP

What is #WhoIsSam

With the threat of offenders using online live streaming platforms increasing there is a need to educate children about the associated risks. #WhoIsSam is a short animation that highlights the importance of parents and carers talking openly to their children about:

  • Being safe online
  • Healthy relationships
  • Speaking out if anything happens online that worries them or doesn't feel right

The animation signposts to the Thinkuknow programme and the CEOP Safety Centre, where parents/carers can report directly to CEOP if they are concerned about the online sexual abuse or exploitation of a child.

You can also download factsheets on live streaming for parents/carers and professionals to use alongside the animation.

How to use the resource

Share the animation when you deliver presentations or sessions with parents and carers to help start the conversation about keeping their children safe online from sexual abuse and exploitation.

You can also point them to our website for parents and carers which provides further advice on how they can keep their child safe.

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