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  • Advice
    Are you worried about something that has happened online?

    The internet can be a great place to keep in touch with friends and make new ones. Some people online will be genuine and supportive, but others may use the internet to look for sex and target young people. Read advice on what you can do if you're worried about something that has happened online to your child.

  • Advice
    Being social online: what parents and carers need to know

    Whether playing games, sharing pics or live streaming, children love to use their time online to have fun, play and socialise. Here’s our guide on how you can support your child to be safer whilst enjoying online activities.

  • Advice
    Gaming: what parents and carers need to know

    Gaming is extremely popular with children and young people. It can be difficult to keep up with the latest games and how they work. Here we take a look at key safety concerns and how you can support happier, safer gaming for your child.

  • Digital Romance research 2017

    Technology is central to young people’s relationships today. It’s part of how young people communicate, build intimacy, hang out, flirt and deal with post break up fall out.

  • Advice
    Safer online dating: how to support your child

    As your child gets older they will start to be interested in romantic relationships. Online spaces are one of the places they can meet, flirt and start relationships.

  • Responding to issues
    What to do if you come across child sexual abuse material

    Whilst the internet is largely a positive and useful space, you may come across harmful content online, such as child sexual abuse material, and be unsure what to do