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  • Responding to issues
    What is sexual grooming?

    Grooming is a process offenders use to abuse and exploit children. It can happen online and in person. Learning more about grooming can help you spots signs and know what to do if you have concerns.

  • Responding to issues
    Are you worried your child is being sexually exploited?

    Knowing the warning signs and what to do will help you to act quickly if you believe that your child is at risk.

  • Responding to issues
    Online sexual abuse: webcam and images

    Ensure your children know they can get help at any time and find out more about some of the things you can do to support them to be safer.

  • Advice
    What is sexual abuse?

    Sexual abuse can happen to girls and boys and is never a child's fault.

  • Responding to issues
    Why do people sexually abuse children?

    Understanding why people abuse can help us work out the best ways to protect children. Dr Elly Hanson, clinical psychologist and advisor to CEOP, outlines some of the factors involved.