I am worried about the way my child uses the internet

It’s helpful to remember that children have grown up with the internet and see it as a normal part of day-to-day life, much as adults see the phone or cars. Making sure your child has a healthy balance between the online and real worlds can be tricky but there is information here that will help.

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Exposure to sexual content

Some young people seek out pornography and other sexual content deliberately, often as part of a natural curiosity about growing up. However they may also use pornography to find out about sex, without realising that it is not a true or healthy portrayal of adult relationships. Even innocent internet searches can sometimes reveal unsuitable results, and as children are naturally curious they will sometimes go looking for things you don’t want them to see.

We have information for you on how to use filters and other tools to reduce the risk. You will also find information and guidance about young people and online sexual content, and how to recognise and challenge its impact.

Online activities

Taking risks is a normal part of growing up, but in the online world this can have long-term effects that can cause distress to children and their families. It’s important to strike a balance between allowing your child to experiment and develop their independence, and making sure they are aware of what can go wrong and how to deal with it.

This section site will give you advice and support in helping your child manage their behaviour online, and to recognise what’s sensible and what could lead them into trouble. There is also information on common problems such as the sending of nude images.