CEOP Ambassador Course

Course Aims

The Ambassador course is more in-depth than the Thinkuknow Introduction. It covers a wide range of areas, including:

  •           The nature of online offending against children
  •           How offenders use the online environment
  •           How young people use the internet and mobile technology
  •           Risk taking behaviour of young people online, including digital footprints and sexting
  •           School and organisational responses and policy in this area

On completion of the course, you will be able to download training materials which you can then use to train fellow professionals to deliver the Thinkuknow education programme to children and young people.

International Delegates

We do not wish to discriminate against children and young people based outside of the UK and are keen to share the messages of our films more widely. However, as a UK agency, we must prioritise delegate requests from within the United Kingdom. Any practitioners from outside of the UK who are interested in attending an event should email CEOP’s Education Team at mail to: to register their interest. The email should state which course they would like to attend and confirm that they meet our eligibility criteria. Should spaces be available on the specified course 7 days ahead of the event you will be contacted by email to be offered a place.

International training delegates should also be aware that CEOP is unable to certify international delegates as CEOP Thinkuknow Trainers or CEOP Ambassadors. It should also be noted that international access to CEOP’s Thinkuknow resources is limited due to licensing agreements in place which are specific to the United Kingdom.

Delegate Criteria and Cost

The CEOP Ambassador course costs £199 for delegates to attend.

UPDATED Delegate Eligibility Requirements

Please note, following recent policy updates, the evidence that we require delegates attending the CEOP Ambassador course to supply has changed. Delegates are no longer required to supply evidence of a DBS, Enhanced CRB or equivalent, effective for all courses from June 2014 onwards. If you have any queries about these requirements please don’t hesitate to contact the Education Team at

All delegates attending the CEOP Ambassador course must present photographic ID to CEOP Staff at Event Registration for verification purposes. Acceptable forms of photographic ID are a passport, driver’s licence or work ID.

Additionally, we ask delegates to supply the following evidence of eligibility based on their individual role:

Independent consultants i.e. those not employed by, affiliated with or representing a specific organisation

Those attending the CEOP Ambassador course independently of an established organisation must provide the following evidence of their eligibility to attend in advance of the course (a minimum of 2 weeks prior). Please provide a letter stating:

  • Their role and length of independent employment;
  • The relevance of the training to their role;
  • How the knowledge gained will be applied in their role;
  • A reference, with referee contact details, from a reputable organisation working directly or strategically with children, that they have worked with during the past 12 months.

Evidence may be submitted via email to All evidence supplied will be checked by CEOP staff in advance of the event.

Law enforcement officers i.e. NCA Officers, police officers and those employed by a police service

Please present your police work ID or Warrant Card at Event Registration when attending the CEOP Ambassador course.

All other professionals i.e. those who are directly employed by or representing a specific organisation, such as an educational institution, local authority or NGO.

Please provide a letter from the organisation that you are employed by or representing on headed paper, signed by a manager stating:

  • The delegate’s role and length of employment period/association with the organisation they are representing;
  • The relevance of the training to the delegate’s role;
  • How the delegate intends to apply the knowledge gained;
  • Confirmation that the organisation has undertaken necessary risk assessment that the delegate is suitable to work with children and young people.

This evidence must be supplied at Event Registration when attending the CEOP Ambassador course.

PLEASE NOTE – CEOP staff have the right to refuse entry to any delegate who does not provide the required clearance and identity documents detailed above.

If you have any queries about these requirements please contact us at  

If you have any other special requirements for the training please let us know as soon as possible.

Course booking

To ensure that all course delegates are able to access Thinkuknow resources, before booking a place on a training session you must initially register as a user.

If you are already a registered user, please sign in prior to making a course booking.

Billing Information

Delegates should provide full and correct billing information when booking a place on the CEOP Ambassador course.

Please note, if you are from the police service, the NHS, a local authority, etc, please make sure that you provide us with the Purchase Order number as soon as possible.

Delegate access to CEOP Ambassador materials will be withheld if correct and full billing details are not provided ahead of the event. Access to materials will be provided once these details have been received. Please note that you will be billed for the course once you have attended.

All queries regarding billing information should be directed to

Cancellation Policy

All cancellation notices must be sent via email to

Delegates who wish to cancel their booking on the CEOP Ambassador course and not incur a charge may do so a minimum of 5 working days ahead of the training event.

Delegates cancelling their booking less than 5 days ahead of the event or those who fail to attend will be charged the full course fee of £199 (VAT inclusive).

Forthcoming training events

Training sessions are regularly held across the UK by the CEOP Education Team. Details and booking information is listed below:

  • Birmingham 13/07/2017 Sold Out!
  • Manchester 24/08/2017 Sold Out!
  • Brighton 14/09/2017 more...
  • Belfast 19/10/2017 more...
  • Nottingham 16/11/2017 more...
  • London 07/12/2017 more...

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us: