Thinkuknow Account

This section contains queries from users having problems accessing their Thinkuknow accounts on the Teacher/Trainer website:

Q1. I’m trying to request a new password but so far I’ve not heard anything. Why have I not received my new password?

A. The automatic email you requested may be mistaken as spam by some email providers or networks. Please check your junk mailbox for emails from us. If you don’t find your password there, please email requesting a new password.


Q2. I continually encounter problems trying to login and access resources from the Thinkuknow Teachers/Trainers area, can you help?

A. It is most likely that the problems you are encountering are associated with where you are accessing the internet whilst trying to login and download resources from Whilst we cannot provide technical assistance we can advise some next steps to resolve this problem.

If you are trying to access resources within a school/organisational network please seek local technical support from your Network Manager. It may be beneficial for your Network Manager to review the security software to grant you permission to download files from our website. Alternatively you can access the website from outside your organisational network and burn the resources on to a disc or save them on to a portable hard drive. If you are encountering problems within a domestic network please review the settings within your security software, adding to the list of accepted/permitted websites.

If problems persist following this advice please email


Q3. When I login to my Thinkuknow account I am prompted to feedback on the number of children I have trained but I haven’t had an opportunity to train any yet. What should I do?

A. Thinkuknow users are routinely prompted to feedback on the number of children and/or parents they have trained using CEOP’s Thinkuknow resources. This information helps us to gauge the reach of our programme and demonstrate the need for such resources.

Please do not ignore the Number of Children Trained page - if you have not carried out any training please enter ‘0’ in to the relevant fields to proceed with ordering resources.


Q4. I have changed roles / schools – should I notify CEOP about this?

A. Yes – if you have changed schools we will need to re-verify your employment at the new school. Please email with the details.

You can update your details and contact information by clicking the ‘Your Details’ link once logged into your account.

If you have changed roles at your currently school you will not be able to transfer your account to the person taking on that role. They will need to register for a new account at


Q5. My email address / work details have changed – how can I update my account?

A. You can alter these details and change your password by clicking the ‘Your Details‘ link once you’ve logged in to the Teachers/Trainers area on the site in the top right hand corner of the screen. Please inform us of any changes in your role or organisation by emailing


Q6. Can I create an account for my school/college/ FE institution?

A. No, our resources and training events are set up to be used by individual users rather than by whole teams or organisations. All professionals that work with children and young people should register themselves for an account at

Q7. I have a Thinkuknow/TUK Trainer Number, how can I access resources?

A. The TUK Trainer Number system was made obsolete in late 2007. Please register for an account at and email with details of the training event you attended (i.e. date and location).


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