CEOP's Thinkuknow Resources

This section relates to the Thinkuknow resources that are available to order or download from the Teacher/Trainer area of the Thinkuknow website -


Q1. Do I have to attend a training event before I can download and use CEOP’s Thinkuknow resources?

A. No, if you are a professional working with children and young people you will be able to register and then start using our resources straight away. Resources for training fellow professionals are reserved for those who have attended CEOP Ambassador training only.


Q2. I have previously attended a Thinkuknow training session, why am I not able to access the full range of resources for 11-16 year olds?

A. Thinkuknow users should register with CEOP’s Thinkuknow website before or soon after attending a Thinkuknow training event led by a local CEOP Ambassador. The Declaration and Registration form signed by delegates at the event should then be returned to CEOP by the CEOP Ambassador as soon as possible. Once received each delegate’s account profile is then updated to show they have attended a training event, which in turn provides them with access to CEOP’s full range of resources. If you register on the site after these documents have been processed we won’t be able to locate you on the system and update your account.

Similarly, if you have created a duplicate account with a different email address we will need to merge the accounts to allow you access to resources or training.

Please email with the date and location of the training you have been on, the name of the trainer, and any other email addresses you may have registered with.


Q3. Why can I not get the downloaded films to play correctly?

This is likely to be a technical issue on your computer or network. You may wish to seek advice from a network manger if available.

Alternatively if you are using your own computer, you may wish to use another media player such as VLC  to play the films.

Many of our films are also available to watch online via our Youtube channel.


Q4. I’ve downloaded a presentation from the trainer’s area - why don’t the video’s load properly when I run the PowerPoint presentation?

A. Resources that include videos within a PowerPoint presentation will be downloaded as a ZIP file.

Your computer is likely to have an Unzip program already, if not these can be downloaded from the internet.

Right click on the ZIP file and select ‘Extract All’. You should be asked where you want to extract the documents to. Ensure the resource files are extracted into the same folder.


Q5. Can I download and host one of CEOP’s video resources on our VLE?

A. There may be copyright restrictions to prevent you from hosting some of our resources on certain websites or learning platforms. Please contact us with full details of your request –


Q6. Some of your offline/physical resources (i.e. leaflets, sticker sheets etc) are ‘Out of Stock’, when will they become available again?

A. Due to recent changes in our funding model stocks of these resources will unfortunately not be replenished. Wherever possible we will endeavour to make PDF copies of these resources available within the Thinkuknow Resources area so that they can be printed locally.


Q7. I ordered resources from the site, why have I only received one copy of certain resources?

Some resources, such as TUK presentation CDs are restricted to one per person, as these should only be used by those who have attended the half-day Thinkuknow training. All trainers who have attended the training will be able to order their copy via their Thinkuknow account.

Please email our team with details of the event if there are special circumstances that require additional resources.


Q8. Do I need to strictly follow the age guidelines for CEOP’s Thinkuknow resources?

A. CEOP’s Thinkuknow resources have been created with specific age groups in mind with lesson plans linked to the UK national curriculum key stages. However we are happy for our users to use their own professional judgement and experiences when deciding to use a resource aimed at an older or younger audience, if they feel that their audience would be more receptive.


Q9. I work outside the UK – can I register to use the Thinkuknow resources?

A. We are happy to share our resources internationally, but please ensure when you register you tick the box to show you are a resident outside the UK. We must stress that those who deliver Thinkuknow resources need to be fully aware of the UK-focus of the guidance provided and that due to copyright restrictions, overseas users will not be able to use certain resources. Please email for further details.


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