CEOP Thinkuknow & Ambassador Training

This section relates to queries about CEOP’s training for professionals working with children and young people:

Q1. I meet the delegate criteria and I am interested in attending CEOP Thinkuknow and Ambassador training courses. When will you be announcing new training dates and where will they be?

A. The operational structure (including the training course schedule) for CEOP Thinkuknow and Ambassador courses is currently being reviewed. Dates and locations of courses for the 2015-16 academic year will be announced via CEOP’s Thinkuknow website and in an email announcement to all registered users of CEOP’s Thinkuknow resources.


Q2. The nearest training event I can attend is ‘SOLD OUT’ – is there a waiting list?

A. Yes, please ensure that you are registered at then email requesting to be put on the waiting list, stating the date and location of the training.


Q3. Do I need to attend the half-day Thinkuknow Introduction training before I can go on the Ambassador training?

A. Delegates are no longer required to attend the CEOP Thinkuknow Introduction training before going on the Ambassador training. The courses are now structured so that all required background knowledge is delivered during the CEOP Ambassador training presentation.


Q4. What do I need to bring to the training?

A. All delegates attending CEOP Introduction or Ambassador course must present photographic ID to the CEOP Trainers at Event Registration for verification purposes. Acceptable forms of photographic ID are a passport, driver’s licence, warrant card or work ID.

Additionally, we ask delegates to supply the following evidence of eligibility based on their individual role:

Independent consultants i.e. those not employed by, affiliated with or representing a specific organisation

Those attending a CEOP training course independently of an established organisation must provide the following evidence of their eligibility to attend in advance of the course (a minimum of 2 weeks prior). Please provide a letter stating:

  • Their role and length of independent employment;
  • The relevance of the training to their role;
  • How the knowledge gained will be applied in their role;
  • A reference, with referee contact details, from a reputable organisation working directly or strategically with children, that they have worked with during the past 12 months.


Law enforcement officers i.e. NCA Officers, police officers and those employed by a police service-

Please present your police work ID or Warrant Card at Event Registration when attending the CEOP Ambassador course.

All other professionals i.e. those who are directly employed by or representing a specific organisation, such as an educational institution, local authority or NGO.

Please provide a letter from the organisation that you are employed by or representing on headed paper, signed by a manager stating:

  • The delegate’s role and length of employment period/association with the organisation they are representing;
  • The relevance of the training to the delegate’s role;
  • How the delegate intends to apply the knowledge gained;
  • Confirmation that the organisation has undertaken necessary risk assessment that the delegate is suitable to work with children and young people.

This evidence must be supplied at Event Registration when attending the CEOP Ambassador or Introduction course.


Q5. I have previously attended CEOP Thinkuknow training and/or I am a CEOP Ambassador. I have recently left my organisation to work as an independent consultant/ I am now in a role where I no longer work with children in a professional capacity/ I have retired from my previous role. Am I still able to deliver CEOP’s Thinkuknow resources to young people and/or deliver to relevant professionals as a CEOP Ambassador?

A. We would need to receive written confirmation from the new school or organisation you are working with. Similarly please note that our resources and training must be provided on a free basis. They cannot be provided as a part of or alongside any paid-for training. Please email with further information.


Q6. I’m a CEOP Ambassador and would like to run some Thinkuknow training events in my area – do I need to register these events on the TUK website as well?

A. No, you will only need to register the training on the site if you intend to make the event public to all Thinkuknow users. If you wish to hold a private event for colleagues your training event will be registered on our system once you have sent back the completed Declaration and Registration form.


Q7. I am a CEOP Ambassador and I have recently held a training event for local professionals, what should I do next?

A. At your event you will have asked your delegates to sign the ‘Declaration and Registration Form’ (downloadable under the Ambassador tab when logged in to CEOP’s Thinkuknow resource area). You will also have signed and dated this form stating that you had checked your delegates’ documentation. Please take a copy of this form and return the original to us as soon as possible following your event (ensuring that all information is clear and legible i.e. your name, the date and location of the event, the delegate names) by either emailing or posting it FAO CYP Team, CEOP, 33 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1V 2WG.

If you have not already, please communicate to your delegates that they need to register at as soon as possible so that we can add the training event they attended to their profile.

Please note that there is a reference document for Ambassadors explaining how to run a training event in full available under the Ambassadors tab.


Q8. I am a CEOP Ambassador and I have recently held a Thinkuknow training event, where should I send the feedback forms from a recent training event I have held?

A. These do not need to be returned to CEOP. The feedback forms from Ambassador-led Thinkuknow events are for the Ambassador’s information, as a way of judging your audience’s response to the training, however if you feel that there is in any feedback from that we should be made aware of please send this in.


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