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Welcome to the Thinkuknow Resources Portal – your gateway to internet safety resources from across the country. CEOP has worked with organisations around the UK in order to provide you with the most comprehensive and up to date internet safety information and resources. Here, you will find local, national and even international resources covering a plethora of internet safety issues; including cyberbullying, grooming and at social networking.

We hope you will find these resources useful. Do remember to feedback and tell us what you have been doing!

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    Child Victims of Crime Leaflet - Child Victims of Crime

    The organisation Child Victim's of Crime provide material & therapeutic support for children up to the age of 16 years who have been a victim of, or traumatised by any criminal offence committed within the UK and are nominated by serving police officers.

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    Thinkuknow - CEOP

    The Thinkuknow website contains lots of information, advice and guidance to educate children and young people to keep themselves and their peers safe on the internet. It also aims to empower parents, carers and professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to keep children in their care safe online.

  • Image of Cyberbullying Film
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    Cyberbullying Film - CEOP

    The European Commission Film on Cyberbullying is also hosted on the CEOP youtube channel. This film produced by the European Commission has been created to raise awareness of cyberbullying. It explores how young people's online information can be copied and distorted and the impact this can have on victims. The film also guides young people to report if they have any issues and reminds them that bullying is wrong - wherever it is perpetrated, whether online or offline.

  • Image of Cyberbullying Interactive
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    Cyberbullying Interactive - Childnet

    Childnet's interactive game has been designed to act as a companion to the 'Let's Fight It Together' film for young people. The cyberbullying interactive is a resource that enables teachers to follow on from the cyberbullying DVD Lets Fight it together, and personalize and reinforce the learning from that film. Using the technology that children are using, the cyberbullying interactive allows children to log on to a computer and create their own character that goes into the same school where cyberbullying has taken place. Pupils have the opportunity to experience a day at school with the main character, Joe, and make decisions about how to help someone who is being cyberbullied. In the course of this they will find out how responsible a digital citizen they are and they will also find out more about keeping safe online. Lesson plans and activities to accompany this interactive are also be available for teachers.

  • Image of Cybersmart Learning Channel
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    Cybersmart Learning Channel - KidsOkOnline

    Cybersmart Learning Channel' - giving children the opportunity to explore social networking tools safely in whilst learning about and identifying inappropriate content and information in a specially created learning area. Created in partnership with Australian Communications and Media Authority.

  • Image of Playstation - Play Safe Online
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    Playstation - Play Safe Online - Sony

    Advice and guidance on playing online games, chatting with friends and family and surfing the web with PlayStation
  • Image of Childrens Story Book
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    Childrens Story Book - O2 Champion book flyer.pdf Champion book website.pdf

    Launch of a children's story book. They can be ordered at

    O2 Champion book flyer.pdf