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Be careful what you share

  • Think before you share: who might see your photo, video or live stream? It’s safest just to share your stuff with family and friends you know in real life.
  • If someone you don’t know in real life asks you to share a photo or video or go on camera, don't reply, and tell an adult you trust.
  • Worried about something you’ve shared online or sent to someone? Ask an adult you trust for help.

Sam's story...

Sam's story...

Ellie, Alfie and I shared a video of our first ever song! We made the video public, hoping we’d get lots of views and fans, but then we got a lot of nasty comments from strangers. It’s much better to just share things you are proud of with your family and friends.

logo worried about something

Whatever has happened, it's not your fault. Get help by telling an adult you trust, like a teacher or a family member.