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Choose who you chat to

  • It's safer to chat to people you know in real life.
  • It's always ok not to reply. If a message makes you feel worried, annoyed or upset, don't reply and tell an adult you trust.
  • If someone you are chatting to is being mean or making you feel uncomfortable, tell an adult you trust. They will help you block and report them so that they can't contact you again.

Ellie's story...

Ellie's story...

Someone called Magnus messaged me. I added him because he said he knew a boy in my class. We started chatting. But then my friend Alfie found out Magnus wasn’t real – it was a fake profile which Megan made to trick me. Alfie told our teacher. He helped me, and talked to Megan and her mum and dad. Megan said sorry to me and deleted Magnus’s profile.

logo worried about something

Whatever has happened, it's not your fault. Get help by telling an adult you trust, like a teacher or a family member.