There's a whole new language you can use online, often using acronyms. Here?s some you may use, and some you might not know yet!

  • @TEOTD: At The End Of The Day
  • 14AA41: One for All and All for One
  • 2B or not 2B: To Be Or Not To Be
  • 2NITE: Tonight
  • 411: it means: info
  • 4ever: Forever
  • 86: Out Of or Over
  • A/S/L: Age/Sex/Location
  • DMI: Don't mention it
  • CYT: See you tomorrow
  • DLTM: Don?t lie to me
  • EM?: Excuse me?
  • EL: Evil Laugh
  • HHOJ: Ha Ha, only joking
  • SOHF: Sense of humour failure
  • BRB: Be right back
  • G2G: Got to go
  • Lol: Laugh out loud