Cyber bullying is the name that is used when people use the internet to send nasty and upsetting messages to others.

It can also be done by people using mobile phones, by sending messages and making nasty phone calls.

  • The number one rule to remember if someone is being nasty to you in this way is don’t respond and don’t reply. You should tell a trusted adult straight away if someone is upsetting you, or if you have been getting upsetting messages.
  • The second rule is to save all nasty messages and emails. You don’t have to read them, but save them in a folder so you can show an adult if you need to.
  • The third rule is to tell a trusted adult. If you tell someone about what’s been happening, they will be able to help and maybe stop it.
  • Go to Childline's website If you feel you can’t talk to someone just yet, call Childline in confidence on 0800 1111.