Hector’s World™

The wonderful education of Hector’s World™ has been created by the New Zealand charity Hector’s World Ltd. (HWL).  HWL is a wholly owned subsidiary of New Zealand’s online safety group NetSafe.  In New Zealand, HWL works very closely with both the Ministry of Education and the Police.

Hector Protector™ and his undersea friends are now available in the UK because of an exciting education partnership between CEOP and HWL. The UK is the first country outside of New Zealand to host Hector’s World materials.

Hector's World offers an engaging group of animated characters, with whom children 2-10 years old can form strong emotional bonds and use as positive role models. The adventures of these characters can be the 'building blocks' of cybercitizenship education, especially when viewed and discussed with the guidance of a teacher, parent, or youth group leader.

Follow this link to learn more about Hector’s World.