Contact social media sites

It’s so easy to share online, that sometimes you might post something and wish you hadn’t.

If you’ve posted something you regret on Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr or another site, you should delete it from your account as quickly as you can.

What if someone else has posted something about you?

Most websites have a way for you to ask them to remove ‘content’ – like videos, pictures, comments or profiles – that upsets you. This is called making a ‘report’.

It’s important to know that making a report doesn’t mean the content will definitely be removed.

Just like in school, most websites have a set of rules - 'Terms of Use' - which they expect people using their site to obey. Websites will only take content down if they break these rules.

If you want to have something taken down from a site you should check to see if it breaks one of their rules.

Facebook calls their rules ‘Community Standards’, YouTube’s rules are called ‘Community Guidelines’ and other sites like Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram have their own sets of rules and ways to report.

Before using any website you should read them to learn what is, and what isn’t, acceptable on the site. You should also learn how to report content to the site.

Here’s where to find the rules and how to report forthe most popular social networks and messaging apps:


Read Facebook's rules

Report to Facebook

Facebook Safety Centre


Read YouTube's rules

Report to YouTube

YouTube Safety Centre


Read Instagram's rules 

Report to Instagram

Instagram Safety Centre


Read Tumblr's rules

Report to Tumblr by email

If you email about harassment:

  • Use the keyword "harassment" in your title and in your email.
  • Take a screen grab as evidence and attach it to your email
  • Put your Tumblr link and the details of the person harassing you in the email – give as much detail as possible.


Read Vine's rules

Contacting Vine and reporting


Read Twitter's rules

Reporting to Twitter

Read's 'terms of service'

Read's safety tips

Reporting on

You do not need to be logged into the site (i.e. a user) to report.

When you move your mouse over any post on someone else’s profile, you will see an option to like the post and also a drop down arrow which allows you to report the post for one of four reasons.

  • Spam or scam
  • Hate speech
  • Violence
  • Pornographic content

It is also possible to block other users, by scrolling to the bottom of their profile page and clicking on but users need to be logged in to do this. Users can also remove any questions from their own profile by clicking on the cross in the top right hand corner of every question and answer.

If you are using the app through Facebook, there is an option to report the application by clicking on "report/contact this app" which is displayed in the final tab in the right-hand column.

Otherwise, it appears that the block function acts a form of reporting, however, there is no evidence on the site that carrying out the blocking process alerts moderators to inappropriate content.

Kik Messenger


Read Kik's rules

Reporting to Kik

Kik Help Centre


Read Snapchat's rules

Reporting to Snapchat

Snapchat Help Centre