14-year-old arrested after “joke” Twitter terror threat

A 14-year-old Dutch girl was arrested by police in Rotterdam after sending a threatening tweet to American Airlines.

In her tweet the girl pretended that she was a member of the terrorist group al-Qa’ida, and that on 1st June she was going to do “something really big”.

American Airlines responded to her tweet minutes after she had posted it. They told the 14-year-old that it “takes these threats very seriously” and that her details would be “forwarded to Security and the FBI”.

The girl, who actually lived in the Netherlands (rather than Afghanistan as she had claimed) tried to apologise for the tweet writing “I was joking” and “I’m so sorry I’m scared now”.

Her tweet was shared thousands of times, with people responding to the post and saying that it was immature and racist.

She was later arrested by Rotterdam police following their own investigation into the comment.

What had started out as a “joke” for the girl quickly led to some very serious consequences for her. Read our advice about the ‘digital tattoo’you create for yourself every time you post or share something online, and find out how to take control of your online reputation here.

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