Q & A

  • I’ve shown my friends a naked pic of my girlfriend. Was it illegal for me to do that?

    It’s against the law to have naked pictures or videos of someone under 18, that includes taking the photo, sending it on, or keeping any naked images you’ve been sent.

    The law is like this to protect young people from adults who sexually abuse them and take photos or videos of the abuse. But even if it’s a picture which your boyfriend or girlfriend has taken, it is against the law, and you definitely shouldn’t share naked or indecent pictures of anyone without their consent.

    Although you probably wouldn’t get in trouble with the police, you could cause your girlfriend serious distress and get yourself in serious trouble at school. Remember, if you threaten or pressure anyone to share naked pictures with you then you could get in trouble with the police.

    You should delete any pictures you have on your mobile or computer and ask anyone you’ve shared these pictures with to do the same.

    Find out more about the risks with naked pics here.

  • I go on cam and have sent pics loads of times and nothing has happened to me. Why do you think I’m at risk?

    The main reason is that if you decide to send naked images or videos of yourself you could be leaving yourself vulnerable to being blackmailed, bullied or groomed by people online. It can also have an effect on your future prospects for education or employment. You can read more about these risks here.

  • I agreed to go naked for someone on webcam. They say they’ve taken a screenshot and will send it to my friends and family if I don’t go on cam again – what do I do?

    Don’t let them contact you any more, and don’t listen to their threats. They’re committing a very serious crime if they’ve encouraged you to do something sexual online and are now threatening you.

    Try and gather all the information you have on the people threatening you (chatlogs, online names etc.) and report this to CEOP. These problems can happen, and your family and friends will have heard how often bad people will try and use young people on the internet.

     CEOP can help you get through any problems, and your report will help us track down the person and stop them from hurting someone else as well.

  • Someone keeps asking me to send them naked pictures. I want to be friends still, but I want them to stop asking – what can I say?

    If it’s a friend you know very well they should understand that you’re not happy about doing this. If they keep asking anyway then maybe they aren’t as good a friend as you thought after all.

    You can try and make the situation less awkward by sending something funny back instead. Download the Zipit app to get loads of funny photos you can send instead of sexy pictures.

    If it’s someone you’ve never met face-to-face then it’s safer to ignore them or block them. If you’re worried about why they’re asking for images or they’re making you feel uncomfortable then you can report them to CEOP.

  • My friend is trying to get me to use a random webcam chatroom, a bit like Chatroulette – what are the risks?

    There’s always a risk about what you might see on these chatrooms. It’s no secret that a lot of creepy weirdos go on these random cam-to-cam chatrooms to masturbate –which could be awkward and embarrassing for you (and them). The biggest risk is actually what you tell random strangers. Don’t reveal any bits of information that could help someone identify you and trace your family, or your friends. Watch out for anything in the background when you’re on cam that could help someone do this!

    Finally, remember that people can record webcam videos – they could be playing a fake video back to you, or they could be recording what you’re doing when you’re chatting with them.