Q & A

  • What counts as physical abuse?

    Physical abuse in a relationship is when someone is physically violent or threatening towards you. This can come in many forms for example hitting, kicking, slapping and pushing you around. If this happens to you it is wrong and you should seek help.

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  • I think I’ve been hacked, I tried to look at something on a porn-site and there’s a message telling me I’ve committed a crime and I’ve got to pay the police a fine. Is it real? What should I do?

    One of the dangers of pornographic websites is that they are often used to spread viruses or malware. This message from the ‘police’ is the result of malware. The police will never ask you to pay a fine via a pop-up window. Criminals use this in order to obtain your card payment details in order to steal money. Under no circumstance should you enter any card details into pop-up windows claiming to be from the police.

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  • What’s wrong with watching porn?

    People watch pornography for many different reasons (e.g. to get turned on, to learn about sex and the body, etc.) but it’s important for people who watch pornography to remember that it doesn’t represent reality. Actors in pornography do not have ‘normal’ bodies. They often have bigger boobs, bigger than normal penises and no pubic hair. The sex shown in pornography is often not like sex in real life. It often lasts for ages and features positions and acts that a lot of people don’t do. Online pornography also often shows aggressive behaviour and doesn’t show consent between male and female actors or safe sex practices, like using a condom.

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  • I’m worried that I watch too much porn – how do I know what’s too much?

    Some people watch pornography every day, some once per week, others choose not to watch it at all. Everybody is different, if you find that watching pornography is taking over your life, that you’re thinking about sex a lot and it’s stopping you from doing other things then there may be an issue.

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  • How old do you have to be to buy porn?

    You must be 18 years old to buy pornography depicting sexual intercourse including oral and anal sex. Stores often only sell softcore pornography (e.g. lads mags) to individuals aged 16 years and over.

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