Q & A

  • I’ve heard someone say webcams can be hacked, is that true?

    It’s not very common but yes, if a device has downloaded malware (computer code created by criminals) there is a risk that another person may be able to look at what is on the device and even control it – for example, by switching on the webcam.  

    Sometimes malware can be installed when someone clicks on a link in a pop ups or advert, or opens or downloads a file which has been sent to them.

    Some criminals pretend they have hacked someone’s device and obtained videos of people when in reality they haven’t. They say they have done this in order to blackmail that person into sending nude images or money. If you’re being threatened or blackmailed online, there is lots of support you can access. Tell an adult you trust, talk to someone at Childline, or report to CEOP, who will help you.