Q & A

  • How do I get something taken down from a site?

    Most websites have a way for you to ask them to remove ‘content’ – like videos, pictures, comments or profiles – that upsets you. This is called making a ‘report’.

    It’s important to know that making a report doesn’t mean the content will definitely be removed. Services will only take content down if it breaks the site’s ‘terms of use’ (the rules which users have to follow).

    Find out more about reporting to different sites on our ‘Contact social media sites’ page.

  • 'Indecent' images of under 18s are illegal. What counts as 'indecent'?

    An indecent image of an under-18 is usually a nude or semi-nude image or video. For example, if it contains genitals or sexual acts, including masturbation, then it will be indecent.

    If you’re worried about an indecent image that’s been shared, or you’re thinking of sharing one, read the advice in ‘Send me a pic?’ and ‘When nudes get shared around’.

  • There’s naked photos of me online – how do I get the pics taken down and make sure that these don’t come up when people Google me?

    The quickest way to get an image removed is to delete it yourself, or ask anyone who uploaded/shared it to delete it. If they refuse, the first step should be to report it to the site which it appears on. For most apps, games and websites, you’ll find a ‘Report’ option in the settings menu.

    If the site does not have a ‘Report’ function, under 18s can contact Childline who can help to have images removed from the internet. Nude images of under 18s are illegal and Childline work with the Internet Watch Foundation to remove these images from the internet. Check out this information about how Childline can help.

    Once the image has been removed from the site, it will soon stop appearing in search results.

  • Someone's nudes are being shared around. What do I do now?

    It’s never okay for someone’s nude images to be shared around. If someone is sending you pictures  that make you feel uncomfortable, there are steps you can take to stop it from happening. Read more about receiving unwanted nudes.

    If the images are of another young person (not the person who sent it to you), then that person is being harmed, and that is not okay.

    Tell someone who you trust - for example a parent/carer or a teacher. You might find it embarrassing or difficult but they will be aware that this happens, and be able to help. Do not send the images on to anybody else. Read more about what to do when nudes get shared around.

  • I’ve shown my friends a naked pic of my boyfriend. Was it illegal for me to do that?

    Yes. It is illegal to have naked pictures or videos of someone under 18, even if the picture is of you, or your boyfriend or girlfriend. You should never share or show naked pictures of anyone without their consent.

    This is likely to cause your boyfriend serious distress.

    If this was reported to the police, they may wish to speak to you about it. In some cases where young people have shared a nude image of themselves and there are no concerns about abuse, the police decide not to take further action.

    You should delete any pictures you have on your phone or any other device and ask anyone you’ve shared these pictures with to do the same. Read more about what to do in our ‘When nudes get shared around’ article.