Building your confidence after online bullying

Experiencing cyberbullying or online bullying can be really upsetting and confusing. It can also knock your confidence, which might make you feeling like it’s difficult to believe in yourself or to trust the actions of others. But there are some things that you can do to take control and re-build your confidence…

ChildLine has created a new support page which aims to help young people after they’ve experienced online bullying. It’s got lots of tips about things that you can do to help you to build your confidence back up bit by bit. It’s also got a video called ‘Three Things to Try’ which highlights three ideas that you can try to build your confidence back up:

  • Talking to someone
  • Don’t let bad feelings weight you down
  • Stay positive

The page has lots of other ideas that you can try to get your confidence back and to help you deal with bullying. You could try all of them, or just the ones that feel right for you.

To read through the tips and to watch ‘Three Things to Try’ visit the ChildLine’s ‘Building your confidence after online bullying’ page.

Remember, you can contact ChildLine to speak confidentially with a counsellor whatever your worry. You can speak to a ChildLine counsellor for free 24 hours a day on 0800 11 11 (the number won’t appear on your phone bill) or online at

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